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"A stunning solo show... What begins as a love letter to a band expands into a ballad that explores the depths of the human condition... Five stars."  (Time Out New York - Critics' Pick)

"Alex Knox weaves a winning tapestry of wry insight, musicological history (of ‘70s jazz-rock supergroup Steely Dan, no less) and engaging self-deprecation, all framed with elegant economy by director Becca Wolff’s crisp, precision-tuned production."  (LA Weekly)

"The effortlessly charming Alex Knox sets the mood by spinning records through the show, timing his stories perfectly to the soundtrack… Knox is an engaging, dynamic, and heartfelt storyteller… Director Becca Wolff creates a perfect rhythm with Knox."  (Turnstyle News)

"Alex is a charismatic actor and his quirky show is tight, simple and reads like an existential mystery."  (Bitter Lemons)