Audiobooks Going Strong


Hey folks! With the completion of Angel Flights by Baer Charlton, I’m proud to say that I have just finished production on my 10th audiobook title. In addition to researching and performing these books, I do all the editing and post-production myself. It’s a lot of hours, but I love telling these stories and collaborating with these amazing authors. In celebration of this milestone, here are some stats:

  • Longest Title: Founder by Judy K. Walker (11 hours, 26 minutes)

  • Shortest Title: It Gets Easier by Justine Avery (19 minutes)

  • Average Length: 6.8 hours

  • Most Characters: Stoneheart by Baer Charlton (around 25-30 distinct voices)

  • Most Chapters: Threatened Waters by Kevin Land Patrick (82 chapters)

In other news, I just took a class with VO Legend Bill Ratner, a fellow solo-show alum of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

AND: I shot 2 short films with talented actor-writer Scotty Shoemaker. We are currently in post-production. Can’t wait to share these with you!