Class with Johnny Gidcomb & new audiobook!


Just started a 6-week class with ADR/Looping legend Johnny Gidcomb. I love his approach to acting, improv, and the work of a looping actor. He talks about making positive choices in acting, which is a choice that can bleed into real life. Since the class, I've noticed how powerful it is to make the simple decision to "stay positive" in my conversations. It truly keeps things moving forward, which makes for a smooth ADR vocal track AND smooth daily interactions. Surprisingly profound!

In audiobook news, I just completed narrating Founder: Book Two of the Dead Hollow Trilogy by the fantastic Judy K. Walker. I love getting to work with a talented author like Judy. Her characters and scenes are so much fun to perform! Look for the audiobook soon, and in the meantime, listen to Prodigal: Book One of the Dead Hollow Trilogy.