New Audiobooks!

Enjoying my time in the "studio."

Enjoying my time in the "studio."

I've recently started working on my fourth, fifth, and sixth audiobooks. Narrating these books has not only been fun, but it's given me a chance to hone my voiceover skills, as I spend many hours in my home recording studio AKA closet. I'm so grateful to the authors and publishers that have chosen me to be the voice of their books. Stay tuned for more info on when these will be available for your listening pleasure!

On the Mic!

My new best friend.

My new best friend.

It's been a busy summer, with MANY hours spent at the microphone. I'm just completing another audiobook narration job. This one is a mystery called Missing Persons by Michael Brandman. I love the challenge of telling a long-form story, and single-handedly bringing to life every moment and character. I've also been working hard on my demo reels for Animation and Commercial, as well as practicing some Voice Match skills. More news coming soon!

The Perfect Voice for the Story

So, recently I had the pleasure of narrating a fantastic book, Threatened Waters by Kevin Land Patrick. The author weaves a complex and fast-paced story involving a terrorist plot targeting the water supply of the United States, as well as the men and women who work to prevent this catastrophe. What I loved about narrating the story was the array of vivid characters, the immersive scene descriptions, and the tense and thrilling moments as the various worlds collide. But don't take my word for it - give the book a listen. Available on Audible, Amazon, & iTunes.

Glowing reviews are already starting to roll in:

"[Knox provides] the perfect voice for this story. Knox was able to take some of the technical and more detail-oriented paragraphs and pages and make them flow like water."

Entering the World of VO

The past couple months, I've been expanding taking some classes in the field of voiceover. I had a total blast in an animation voiceover class with original Powerpuff Girl Cathy Cavadini. I also studied with renowned ADR Casting Director Barbara Harris, voiceover artist extraordinaire Pat Fraley, audiobook narrating giant Scott Brick, and audiobook director Christina Rooney. Through ACX, I've recently been hired as an audiobook narrator for two projects, currently in production at my home recording studio (a.k.a. closet). As Pat Fraley told me, narrating an audiobook is "the Shakespeare of the voiceover world," in terms of the skill and stamina required. It's an excellent place to get practice in the "studio" and tell stories in front of the mic.