New Year, New Photos

Happy New Year, folks!

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of returning to the Santa Monica studio of Kat Tuohy Photography for another round of headshots. I’d been letting my hair and beard grow, and it was time to document it and see how the new “look” fared with casting. To view the best shots from my session, check out the gallery. And actors, if you’re looking for an amazingly talented and fun headshot photographer, look no further. Kat and her team make the entire headshot experience a total breeze (with a little help from the nearby seashore).

"Exquisitely Portrayed"

I absolutely loved narrating the audiobook for Judy K. Walker’s “Founder.” It made my day to read this glowing review of my work! The audiobook is the lead-off for Findaway Voice’s Summer 2018 list of “Favorite Audiobooks.” You can check out the original post, but here’s my favorite part:

“The host of complex characters and compelling plot lines are exquisitely portrayed by dark, gripping narration that Alex Knox delivers. His portrayal of Adam is edgy and provoking, evoking his internal and external struggles beautifully. His performance perfectly mirrors the ever increasing suspense of the story.”

Audiobooks Going Strong


Hey folks! With the completion of Angel Flights by Baer Charlton, I’m proud to say that I have just finished production on my 10th audiobook title. In addition to researching and performing these books, I do all the editing and post-production myself. It’s a lot of hours, but I love telling these stories and collaborating with these amazing authors. In celebration of this milestone, here are some stats:

  • Longest Title: Founder by Judy K. Walker (11 hours, 26 minutes)

  • Shortest Title: It Gets Easier by Justine Avery (19 minutes)

  • Average Length: 6.8 hours

  • Most Characters: Stoneheart by Baer Charlton (around 25-30 distinct voices)

  • Most Chapters: Threatened Waters by Kevin Land Patrick (82 chapters)

In other news, I just took a class with VO Legend Bill Ratner, a fellow solo-show alum of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

AND: I shot 2 short films with talented actor-writer Scotty Shoemaker. We are currently in post-production. Can’t wait to share these with you!

Class with Johnny Gidcomb & new audiobook!


Just started a 6-week class with ADR/Looping legend Johnny Gidcomb. I love his approach to acting, improv, and the work of a looping actor. He talks about making positive choices in acting, which is a choice that can bleed into real life. Since the class, I've noticed how powerful it is to make the simple decision to "stay positive" in my conversations. It truly keeps things moving forward, which makes for a smooth ADR vocal track AND smooth daily interactions. Surprisingly profound!

In audiobook news, I just completed narrating Founder: Book Two of the Dead Hollow Trilogy by the fantastic Judy K. Walker. I love getting to work with a talented author like Judy. Her characters and scenes are so much fun to perform! Look for the audiobook soon, and in the meantime, listen to Prodigal: Book One of the Dead Hollow Trilogy.

Green Tea That'll Make You Cry

One sweet potato latte, please.

One sweet potato latte, please.

Recently I got a chance to work with the multi-talented Paget Kagy on her delightful new web series, Kat Loves LA. Paget and I met on the set of a commercial, and then reconnected in an acting class taught by a fellow actor... who was also in that same commercial. Strange, how - in a city with tens of thousands of actors - you cross paths with the same folks. Anyway, my scene comes in at about 6:12 in Episode 7 but I urge you to check out the whole series - it's clever and refreshingly heartfelt.